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Basement Waterproofing in Manchester

14 Dec, 2023 | Basement Waterproofing Case Studies

This case study explores a real-life scenario where a homeowner in Manchester faced persistent water intrusion issues in their basement, our client was looking for a contractor to convert their damp basement to a nice dry environment to use as office space.

After extensive research, evaluation, and consultation with Damp Solutions UK, the homeowner decided to undertake a comprehensive basement waterproofing project to address the problem.


Our client discovered recurring dampness, mould growth, and water pooling in his basement, especially during rainy seasons. The water intrusion was not only causing damage to his belongings stored in the basement but also posing a potential threat to the structural integrity of the house.

Seeking a solution, our client approached us as Damp Solutions UK are professional contractors specializing in basement waterproofing.

Assessment + Consultation

To determine the root causes of the water intrusion, our Property Care Association Trained Surveyor conducted a thorough evaluation of the basement. The assessment involved examining the exterior drainage system, inspecting the foundation walls, and identifying potential sources of water seepage.

After a detailed evaluation, Damp Solutions UK provided our client with a comprehensive report outlining the recommended waterproofing measures.

Proposed Solution

Based on the assessment, the Damp Solutions UK proposed a multi-step approach to waterproof the basement and mitigate any future water intrusion. The proposed solution included the following key measures:

1. Exterior Drainage System: Our qualified surveyor recommended installing an exterior French drain system around the perimeter of the foundation to divert and manage surface water away from the basement walls. Additionally, a sump pump system was proposed to collect and pump out any accumulated water.

2. Interior Waterproofing: To provide an additional layer of protection, an internal basement membrane drainage system was proposed. This system involved installing a specialized channel along the basement walls to collect any water seepage and redirect it to the sump pump for removal.

Implementation + Results

With our client’s approval, the Damp Solutions UK initiated the basement waterproofing project. The exterior drainage system was installed, and the internal membrane drainage system was set up along with important ventilation measures. Throughout the implementation phase, Damp Solutions UK ensured regular inspections and quality control measures to ensure the effectiveness of each installation.

Following the completion of the waterproofing project, our client experienced a significant improvement in his basement’s condition. The persistent water intrusion problems were successfully resolved, leading to a dry and mould-free basement. Our client, relieved and satisfied with the outcome, acknowledged the professional expertise of Damp Solutions UK and the positive impact the project had on his home.


Our successful case of basement waterproofing in Manchester demonstrates the importance of identifying and addressing water intrusion issues promptly.

Through a comprehensive assessment, strategic planning, and effective implementation, our clients can enjoy a dry, functional, and healthier living space. Professional contractors specializing in basement waterproofing play a crucial role in ensuring these issues are resolved efficiently, providing long-term protection for homeowners and their properties.


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