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Rising Damp Treatment Glossop

13 Feb, 2024 | Damp Proofing Case Studies

image of rising damp treatment

Mr. and Mrs. Pool contacted Damp Solutions UK due to concerns about damp patches appearing on the ground floor walls of their terrace house. After a thorough inspection, our CSRT surveyor confirmed the presence of rising damp, which was causing damage to the internal plaster and paintwork.

Issues Identified

  1. Rising damp affecting ground floor walls
  2. Damage to internal plaster and paintwork
  3. Potential risk of further structural damage if not addressed

After obtaining several quotes, the Pools chose a reputable company with experience in treating rising damp in period properties.

Treatment Process

  1. Damp Solutions UK conducted a detailed survey to assess the extent of the rising damp problem.
  2. A combination of techniques including the installation of a mortar injection damp proof course and damp proofing membranes was recommended to address the issue.
  3. Damp Solutions UK also recommended improving the property’s external ground levels and ensuring adequate drainage to prevent future damp problems.


Following the treatment, the Pools noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of their walls, with the damp patches disappearing entirely. They were pleased with the professional approach of their damp proofing specialist and were reassured that their property was now protected against future rising damp issues.

image of rising damp treatment


By addressing the rising damp problem in a timely manner, Mr. and Mrs. Pool were able to safeguard their property against potential structural damage and improve the overall condition of their home. Additionally, the treatment contributed to maintaining the value of their terrace house in Glossop.

I hope this case study provides you with the information you were looking for! If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.


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