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Basement Waterproofing in Manchesters Victorian Home

20 Jan, 2024 | Basement Waterproofing Case Studies

basement waterproofing in manchester

Mr. Lees, homeowners of a charming Victorian-era property in Manchester, were experiencing recurring issues with water seepage in their basement. The property’s below-ground basement had a history of dampness and occasional flooding during heavy rainfall.

Concerned about potential structural damage and the impact on their home’s indoor air quality, our client sought professional assistance to address the waterproofing challenges.


Upon receiving the request for a consultation, our team of waterproofing specialists conducted a comprehensive assessment of the property. The assessment included an examination of the basement’s interior and exterior, identification of potential entry points for water intrusion, and an evaluation of the existing waterproofing systems.

It was determined that the property required a customized waterproofing solution to effectively mitigate water penetration and safeguard the basement against future moisture-related issues.


Due to the property’s age and unique architectural characteristics, a tailored approach to basement waterproofing was essential. Our team proposed a Type C waterproofing measures to address the specific challenges posed by the Victorian-era construction and the local climate in Manchester.

Type C Waterproofing is the Installation of cavity drainage membranes to effectively manage and redirect groundwater seepage to internal drainage channels and a sump pump.


Following the implementation of the customized waterproofing solutions, our clients’ basement underwent a remarkable transformation. The persistent issues of water seepage and dampness were effectively remedied, and the basement space is now dry, comfortable, and safe. Our client was delighted to have regained full use of their basement area, free from the concerns of water-related damage and associated maintenance issues.

The success of the waterproofing intervention not only enhanced the property’s overall integrity but also provided the Smiths with peace of mind regarding the long-term protection of their cherished home.

In conclusion, the tailored approach to basement waterproofing in Manchester proved to be a resounding success, underscoring the importance of professional expertise and customized solutions in effectively addressing the unique challenges of historical properties and local climate conditions.


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