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Condensation Survey

Reports and Surveys

What is a condensation survey?

Our condensation surveys are focused on identifying the reasons for your condensation and Mould issues using the latest inferred technology, Humidity Readers and our expertise as well as discussing the solutions to control the problem.

Our FREE surveys will include:

  • A full investigation of the whole property.
  • Descriptions of the issues, solutions to help control it, information on products that can be used to eradicate mould and help stop further condensation with general advice on how to reduce condensation and mould naturally.
  • Quotations for any installations recommended.

What is Black Mould?

Black mould is a fungus with the Latin name Stachybotrys chartarum. It is most commonly found in buildings that have experienced water damage or are generally damp.

It consumes cellulose, meaning that it can live on things like: Wallpaper, Gypsum, drywall, paper-based products and wood; Conditions that are dark, damp, and unventilated. The less they are disturbed the better they can grow.

Black mold is very rarely found in nature, as it struggles with fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and sunlight. A home, therefore, is the perfect environment for it to grow.

Guidance for Mould

What effective products or practices are recommended for tackling Condensation and Mould Growth?

This is a great question and one that may vary depending on who you speak with. However, at Damp Solutions UK we take great confidence in our many years of expertise seeing the benefits of our advice take effect in a previously damp sodden home.

In short, the finding of our detailed condensation survey may suggest that action upon insulation or ventilation of the property may be required.

humidity meter being used in a free condensation survey

2 Main Practices

As experts who deliver preventative measures, we illustrate our 2 most effective practices:

1. Dri Master Positive Input Ventilation Units

The Dri Master range provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Ventilation principle, which introduces fresh filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. Clean, fresh air is continuously drawn in through the loft’s natural leakage points, passed through the filters and fed into the property via a central hallway diffuser.

The Benefits:


We install a number of different ventilation systems to suit all properties and environments.

Ultrotherm solid wall insulation

2. Ultrotherm Solid Wall Installation

Ultrotherm is an internal insulation system for solid walls. Although only 12 mm thick, Ultrotherm typically reduces the heat loss though walls by 40%, creating a more comfortable living environment and reducing energy bills.

Ultrotherm is a convenient and flexible tile which allow it to be installed around awkward shapes and curves. Ultrotherm tiles are simply stuck onto prepared walls using Ultrotherm Adhesive.

Once applied, the Ultrotherm Tiles can simply be plastered over to create a wall surface ready for decoration. This method eliminates any destruction work that would otherwise have been necessary.

By installing Ultrotherm we are increasing the walls surface temperature above Dew point therefore reducing the risk of Air bourn moisture condensing on the walls surface preventing mould growth.

What's the fee for a Condensation Survey?

For homeowners, it is FREE for us to carry out a condensation survey in your property.

Our condensation surveys will describe the issues, provide solutions to help control it and offer information on products that can be used to eradicate mould and help stop further condensation. We also offer general advice on how to reduce condensation and mould naturally. 

We can also provide quotations for any installations recommended.

To Book your FREE Homeowners Condensation Survey please fill out our online form and a member of our team will contact you to arrange your survey.

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